The Roosevelt Club is a private social club providing members activities and amenities including poker, pool tables, darts, and 4K HDTV sports lounge

Q: Can I just show up and play poker?

A: No. A person must apply for membership and be given provisional approval before they can begin playing poker at The Roosevelt Club. This takes one day. A person must be provisionally approved for membership before they can play poker or be involved in any gambling.

Q: Do I have to be a Member to visit The Roosevelt Club?

A: Yes. The Roosevelt Club is strictly membership based whether for individuals, groups, charities, or businesses. Memberships are available in daily, monthly, and yearly options. Current Membership pricing is $30 per month or $300 per year.

Q: How does The Roosevelt Club charge for activities and amenities?

A: The Roosevelt Club charges Members for access to the club house on an hourly basis. Once Members are checked in, they have access to any/all of the amenities and activities. Members pay their hourly Club Access Fees each visit, similar to paying for amenities at a country club. 

Q: Do I have to pay access fees just to hang out and watch TV?

A: To protect our status as a private club, The Roosevelt Club does not have open access to the public. All Members must check in and pay hourly Club Access Fees each time they visit the Club. This is important because Texas law requires any poker games to be played in a private setting. 

Q: How are hourly Club Access Fees determined?

A: Members check in at the lobby before entering the Club and check out at the lobby when leaving the Club. The Club Access Fees are pro-rated in 30 minute increments. Sales tax is included in the hourly rate. Club Access Fees apply to all activities in the Club including poker , playing pool and darts, watching sports, etc. The Club Access Rate is currently $10 per hour. The access may vary for special events.

Q: How do I become a Member?

A: You need to fill out an application at least one day before you plan to visit The Roosevelt Club. You can fill out our online application, download an application and email it or bring it in. The Roosevelt Club staff will review your application and conduct a preliminary interview of you. If you are approved you will be granted provisional membership. You will then pay dues for the term of your choice (monthly, yearly). Approximately once per month The Roosevelt Club Membership Committee meets and reviews provisional members and makes a recommendation to approve or deny permanent membership status. The Membership Committee will review your application, conduct background checks, and may require additional interviews.

Q: Can my Membership be revoked?

A: Yes. The Membership Committee and Management can choose to revoke Memberships for violation of Club Rules, breaches of etiquette, non-payment of dues or fees, on review of criminal background checks, or other reasons.

Q: Does The Roosevelt Club serve alcohol or food? 

A: The Roosevelt Club does not offer alcohol for sale or provide alcohol to members. The Roosevelt Club has complimentary soft drink service, ice, and cups.  Members may BYOB. Members may leave their alcohol in the club liquor cabinet, and it will be there for you on your next visit to the club. The Roosevelt Club provides limited first-come first served refrigerator and freezer space where you can store your drinks while visiting The Roosevelt Club. You will need to remove your alcohol from refrigeration when you leave for the day. We do not have an on-site kitchen, but do have snacks available for purchase.

Q: Is The Roosevelt Club’s poker cheaper than Vegas?

A: Not only cheaper than Vegas, but cheaper than many other options out there. See our infographic below:

Infographic 2