Is Gambling Legal in Texas?

In Texas, gambling is legal only when a few specific requirements are met:

(1) Gambling occurs in a private place.

(2) Only the individuals gambling receive any economic benefit from the gambling.

(3) All individual gambling have the same likelihood of winning except for a person's skill or luck.

How is The Roosevelt Club Legal?

The Roosevelt Club is legal because:

(1) The Roosevelt Club is a private place.

The Roosevelt Club is a private social club, with access to gambling restricted only to provisional members and members.

(2) The Roosevelt Club does not take any economic benefit nor earn any money from gambling.

The Roosevelt Club does not take a "rake" nor charge any fees for gambling and no employee of The Roosevelt Club may take tips. The Roosevelt Club charges for membership to join the club, and access fees for using the clubhouse. We work much like a country club, where you pay to be a member and pay fees for use of amenities. Our fees are for access alone. Members are not charged to play poker or enjoy any other amenity. Whether members hang out with friends in the 4K sports lounge or gamble at a table with $10,000 in the pot, membership and access fees are the same.

(3) Gambling at The Roosevelt Club occurs only between members.

There is no house gambling. There are no slot machines, black jack tables or traditional casino games. There is only poker type games and tournaments.

Similar Establishments Around the State

There are similar clubs around the State, such as the Post Oak Poker Club and Mint Poker in Houston, and Texas Card House in Austin. Each of these clubs operate very similarly to The Roosevelt Club and have operated legally for several years.

The Texas Attorney General recently issued an opinion supporting the model followed by The Roosevelt Club for private gambling. See the opinion here.

The legality of this club model has been carefully examined by criminal law attorneys to ensure The Roosevelt Club is compliant with Texas law.